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Sarasota Outdoor Fireplace

Make the Most of Your Warm Evenings With an Outdoor Fireplace

Living in Sarasota is great. We’re right by the ocean. We have beautiful weather all year round. The landscapes are lush and green. To be honest, we think it’s a little piece of paradise. That’s why we love to enjoy it as often as possible.

Do you want to make the most of the good weather? Do you want more barbecues in your backyard and late-night chats under the stars? Are you tired of calling it a night when the sun goes down? If you answered yes to any of these, then you need an outdoor fireplace from Contemporary Stone Work, LLC.

We are a leading company in Sarasota. Over the years we’ve built hundreds of gorgeous outdoor fireplaces. Our reputation for precision work and efficiency have made us a household name for companies in the area. If you need any proof that we only do the highest quality work, please check out our Gallery. There you’ll find many examples of the work that has transformed the backyards of many Sarasota residents.

Outdoor Fire Pit or Outdoor Fireplace?

A lot of people ask what’s the difference between a fire pit and a fireplace. It’s pretty simple. If you’ve ever been camping and had to make a fire, you’ve built a fire pit. Take that basic idea and then add a ring of stones or bricks stacked around the fire. That’s a fire pit! They’re great for backyards that aren’t in cities or near forests that could catch fire. Many municipal bylaws forbid fire pits due to the risk of fires started by sparks.

At Contemporary Stone Work, LLC the outdoor fireplace is one of our specialties. The main difference is that the fire is enclosed in an outdoor fireplace. We build a basic platform and then three walls that lead up to a chimney. Just like an indoor fireplace, the chimney sucks air into the fire and draws the smoke up and away from the people relaxing below. By the time the smoke reaches the top of the chimney there are very few, if any sparks still lit up.

Although outdoor fireplaces are a much safer alternative to fire pits, there are restrictions in some municipalities. Give us a call and we can discuss it together.

Professional Installation in Sarasota

Constructing an outdoor fireplace is a huge undertaking. At Contemporary Stone Work, LLC, we live, love, and breathe stone work. It’s in our blood as much as our hair and hands. We bring this passion to bear on every project we do. Combine this with years of educational training and professional experience, and you have yourself one of the best teams in the region.

Although it can be tempting build an outdoor fireplace on your own, we strongly advise against it. Firstly, it’s dangerous for anyone to stack all those bricks and stones above a pit of fire. One small miscalculation and you could have a disaster on your hands. Secondly, it’s easy to tell if a project was done by a professional or an amateur. If you want a beautiful centerpiece in your backyard, there’s no substitute for the professional touch.


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