Outdoor Kitchen Construction in Sarasota

If you’re looking to expand your living space with an outdoor kitchen, look no further than Contemporary Stone Work, LLC. We are Sarasota’s leading outdoor kitchen construction company. We offer a range of design options, quality craftsmanship, and top-tier results at affordable price points. Friendly, reliable, and professional, our team is the one you’ll want to call.

Just book your consultation today, so we can get to know your project sooner rather than later. During the consultation, we will discuss your entire project. We will make design suggestions, work out a perfect budget for the project, set a timeline, and help you manage expectations throughout the process. In aiming for a successful project, no part of the process can be overlooked. We are outdoor kitchen specialists, and our goal is to get you what you want.

Ensure your outdoor kitchen is of the highest quality by booking a call with Sarasota’s best: Contemporary Stone Work, LLC. To schedule a consultation, or to request a quote, give us a call at (813) 699-5551 today. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner. We are available any time you want to call us. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you’ve been thinking about it.


Personalized Kitchen Designs

An outdoor kitchen is a wonderful thing to have, and it will also change the structure of your property in a big way. There are many design options for outdoor kitchens, and while you may have minor restrictions because of size or technicalities, you should be able to have almost anything you desire. No matter the extent of your project, we will make sure your kitchen is fitted with all the best accouterments so your kitchen can stand and survive even the roughest storms. An excellent outdoor kitchen has a simple yet effective design that works within the limitations of the existing outdoor space. We are the team to call if you want to reap the benefits of having your kitchen designed by Sarasota’s best.  

At Contemporary Stone Work, LLC, we use an in-depth consultation process to determine the scope of the job and your goals for your project. We take the time to get to know you and the full details of what you want. That way, we can help you realize your vision for your space. We are happy to meet in any way that is convenient for you to discuss your project.

During the consultation, we can discuss key features, such as:

  • Kitchen appliances
  • Storage
  • Bar and seating options
  • Dining areas
  • Lounge areas
  • Barbecues
  • Electrical and lighting features
  • Weatherproofing options
  • …and more

We will then work with you to develop a design that meets your needs, wants, and budget. All you have to do is sit back and relax as we adorn your property with a beautiful outdoor cooking space.

The Benefits of Our Outdoor Construction Services

We have developed a reputation in Sarasota as being an elite outdoor kitchen contractor. Mainly because every client we take on that hires us for the service ends up with a kitchen they love and can use for years without worry. We will usher you through the consultation, design, build process, and we will work hard to get the job done swiftly. Here are a few reasons why we are the go-to choice for outdoor kitchen construction in Sarasota:

  • Custom Buildouts: We build your kitchen as per your specifications to include furniture, cooking appliances, and lighting.
  • Premium-Quality Products: We have access to high-quality weather-proof materials and appliances.
  • Expansive Living Space: Our outdoor kitchens are carefully crafted to maximize livability and functionality. They’re expansive, exquisite, and an exceptional investment for any property owner.

We have built many outdoor kitchens throughout our careers. We know which materials, equipment, and layouts work best to create an efficient cooking space, as well as an enjoyable recreational or lounging space.

To discover all that our outdoor kitchens can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

We look forward to speaking with anyone in Sarasota interested in installing an outdoor kitchen. All you must do is reach out to us to learn more. Even if you have been thinking about the prospect of an outdoor cooking space, it will be good to speak with our team because we can give you guidance in every element of the process. If you have been on the fence about the process, the information we provide will surely help you choose a side. Please reach out to us any time, and one of our friendly representatives will be there to answer any questions you have and help you book an appointment.

Contact us today to speak with an expert in outdoor kitchen contracting.

The Experts in Outdoor Kitchen Contracting

We are the outdoor kitchen specialists. We combine years of experience with a commitment to our craft. Renowned for our workmanship, flexible scheduling, and affordable prices, we’re making it easier than ever for homeowners to get the perfect outdoor living space. Clients near and far will attest to our skill and ability, and we know you will too once you experience them for yourself. Reach out to our team for any questions you have about the process, and our years of experience will enable us to provide you with valuable suggestions about your build. We offer thorough no-obligation outdoor kitchen consultations that will give you the time to consider all your options.

Our crew members are well-versed in everything, including safety regulations and permits, so they will be able to guide you on the best kind of setup for your space. Rest assured: We’re the team you can trust to do the job right.

Contemporary Stone Work, LLC: Sarasota’s Leading Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Whether you want a simple barbeque area or something more extensive, Contemporary Stone Work, LLC can transform your yard into an incredible space for family to gather, for friends to come over, and for you to make beautiful memories for years to come.

Why wait? Get started with a consultation. Get started by contacting us today.