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There is something about stone buildings that exude an air of timeless elegance. If your home or exterior space needs a fresh look, consider investing in stone veneers. These easy to install, durable and beautiful siding options can breathe new life into tired areas and increase your property's overall value to boot.

When you need stone veneers in the local area, Contemporary Stone Work, LLC is the name to know and the team to call. We have years of extensive experience fitting quality stone veneers, and we look forward to sharing this expertise with you.

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The total cost of your stone veneer service will depend on the material you choose and the size of the installation area. When you reach our experts about an installation, we will book a consultation at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, we can take measurements of your home, business building, outdoor fireplace, or wherever you hope to fit the veneers. We will also be happy to introduce you to the many available stone veneer products, including:

  • Fieldstone
  • Round veneers
  • Mosaic
  • Ledgestone
  • Ashlar
  • Dimensional
  • Square

We also welcome you to choose between natural stone veneers and synthetic options. Our team will be happy to let you know the benefits of both when you meet with us.

The Timeless Beauty of Natural Stone Veneers

Is the facade of your Tampa Bay home or business in need of a makeover? Are you tired of looking at its exterior and feeling that it doesn’t suit your taste? Does it look dull, drab, and out-of-date? Contemporary Stone Work, LLC has a solution for you.

When it comes to giving your Tampa Bay home or business a facelift, nothing compares to the rugged authenticity and timeless beauty of stone veneers. Our artful and affordable veneers are sourced from the best quarries. They’re sure to transform your property into a showpiece that you will be admired for years to come.

What Are Stone Veneers?

A stone veneer is a thin layer of decorative stone that is fixed to the exterior of a structure. It is not load bearing and is only designed to make the structure beautiful. Stone veneers have been used for the facades of buildings since the early 1800s and are common in many American cities with historic districts.

Although the modern version of stone veneers has been around for just over 200 years, its history goes back to the ancient Romans. For example, there is evidence that large sections of the Coliseum in Rome were covered in marble veneers fixed to concrete blocks. The idea was to give the Coliseum an old-fashioned look that reminded people of the (already) ancient Greeks! Imagine that?

So it’s not surprising that many people in Tampa Bay love stone facades for their vintage look. A stone veneer installed by the professional crew at Contemporary Stone Work, LLC will give your property a flair of drama without ostentation. It’s an affordable way to remodel the exterior of any home or business!

Natural or Manufactured Stone Veneer?

There are two basic types of stone veneers: natural stone and manufactured stone. Natural stone veneers are harvested from stone quarries around the world. This means that there is a huge selection of styles and colors. Because the color and pattern of the stones cannot be predicted, every surface of natural stone veneer is unique. To ensure the highest quality in every job, Contemporary Stone Work, LLC only uses natural stone veneers from leading brands.

Manufactured stone veneers have the advantage of being customizable. The look of natural stone is achieved by pouring lightweight concrete into molds. Dyes are added to the mixture to achieve the desired color and pattern. This gives masonry contractors more flexibility which they can pass onto the consumer. Because these veneers don’t have to be cut from quarries and transported large distances, they tend to be a more affordable alternative.

Increase the Value of Your Home and Boost Curb Appeal with Stone Veneers

If you are looking to sell your property, increasing curb appeal is essential. Many buyers won't even consider purchasing your home or business if they don't like the look of your place from the roadside. Placing beautiful veneers can really turn your property around and make it a popular attraction for real estate agents and buyers alike.

You may be surprised at just how beautiful stone veneers can make your property.

Friendly Stone Installers that Get the Job Done Right

You don't want to trust just anyone to install stone veneers on your property, and you certainly don't want to do it yourself. Ensuring that your stones are correctly installed will directly determine the value they bring to your property – and that's something you don't want to risk.

Over the years, our team has built a glowing reputation in the area, one we strive to uphold day in, day out. Our reputation is built on a commitment to customer satisfaction and getting the job done right. We promise to go above and beyond as we strive to not only meet your expectations but exceed them.

If there is anything we can do to make your service more enjoyable – or if you have specific questions before we get started – we invite you to contact our team at any time. Your concerns are our concerns, and we always have time to chat.

Why Contact a Professional?

At Contemporary Stone Work, LLC we stay true to techniques and strategies that have been proven time and again throughout the ages. This allows us to deliver superior servicing day in, day out.

Years of high-caliber stone veneer installation has helped us build a reputation as strong as stone in Tampa Bay. If you are interested in a stone veneer for your home or business, there is no better contractor in Tampa Bay!


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