Stone Veneer Installation in Sarasota

Contemporary Stone Work, LLC is Sarasota’s best stone veneer installation company. Suppose you are considering a better, more affordable solution to beautifying the exterior of your property. Stone veneers are strong, beautiful, and come with many options you can choose from.

Our contractors are here to help you throughout the entire process. When you decide to call us, a consultation and installation, we will be at your service.

If you have any questions about stone veneers or how to start the installation process, get in touch with our helpful team at (813) 699-5551 today.

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Experienced Stone Veneer Contractor

Stone veneers are our specialty. We have been applying our stone veneer expertise to homes and commercial buildings for many years, and to date, every one of those customers has been completely satisfied with the result. From contractors to businesses and homeowners, we impress them all. We try to apply our well-rounded knowledge to every project we are involved in, and so far, everyone we have worked with has been happy.

Contact Contemporary Stone Work, LLC today to ensure that you hire us whenever you need stone veneers installed to beautify your property.

What Are Stone Veneers?

Stone veneers and a covering that you can apply to any exterior to make it look like it is made from stone masonry. Stonemasonry is very expensive, as stonemasons ourselves, we know. Stone veneers are a perfect solution to that. So, while you will still support your local stonemason, stone veneers are the ideal way to mimic that classic masonry look. What’s more, is our stone veneers are indistinguishable to the untrained eye from genuine masonry.

If you are curious to learn about our many stone veneer options, please get in touch with us today to learn about them. We are always ready to take your call as it is vital to us. Please, reach out anytime you like. We’ll be happy to help.

Beautiful Stone Veneer Options

We will apply our stone veneer expertise to your situation regardless of the scale of the product or the idea you have. With so much experience behind us, we are confident we can complete your project. Our time-tested skills plus our can-do attitude will take your project to the end with success.

We can provide stone veneers in the following styles:

  • Full bed veneers
  • Fieldstone round veneers
  • Mosaic veneer stone
  • Ledgestone veneer
  • Ashlar veneer
  • Square and rectangle veneer
  • Dimensional stone veneer
  • And other masonry construction services

Contact Sarasota’s Stone Veneer Installation Experts

Book your stone veneer consultation with Contemporary Stone Work, LLC any time you would like to discuss the installation process. The best masonry contractor in Sarasota is only one phone call away, and ready to bestow our knowledge and experience on new clients.

If you have any questions, any member of our team who answers the phone is an expert in the field and can set you up with your initial appointment or answer any questions. Call (813) 699-5551 today to get started.