When you want to add value to your home with brick pavers, hire a licensed professional to achieve the long-lasting finish you desire.

You’ll be glad you did.

But how do you know who’s the best?

To start, let’s examine some of the credentials any brick installation company must have.


Checking to make sure your contractor has the correct licensing for our local area is the first step.

This documentation means your installation expert is qualified to perform professional quality work and will separate the amateurs from the professionals. Still, it’s not the only thing you need to check.

Read on to discover more questions to ask before you agree upon any brick paver installation services.

Insurance Coverage

The next thing you’re going to want to make sure to ask your patio paver contractor for is proof of insurance.

If anything goes wrong during the construction process, you want to make sure your contractor has the right insurance coverage to assume responsibility for and correct any damages.

Without this, you could potentially end up with a mess on your hands and be on the hook for all related expenses.


Don’t be afraid to ask to see a portfolio of examples performed in the past. You should expect to see photos or samples of seamless:

  • Brick paver driveway installations
  • Brick paver outdoor kitchen installations
  • Brick paver patio installations
  • Brick paver walkway installations
  • Brick paver pool deck installation

Paver installers with a solid background in these types of installation will be proud to show you examples of their work, so stay away from any companies who don’t provide samples enthusiastically.

Experience is a critical asset that allows a good brick installer to overcome any challenges that may arise quickly and cost-efficiently.

Transparent Estimates

Once you get this far, you can be reasonably confident you’re working with a certified professional, but there are still a few more important questions you should ask.

For example, does this contractor provide transparent estimates, or are you going to get the surprise of a lifetime when you open your final bill and see that it contains a bunch of hidden fees?

You’ll want to know what the estimation process includes in advance of entering into any agreements or contracts so that your budget stays intact. 

Quality Guarantees

What happens if something goes wrong after the installation has been provided?

Does the company you are considering hiring make guarantees on their work, or are you responsible for maintenance and upkeep if anything out of the ordinary happens?

While problems with paver installations aren’t very common, answering these questions in advance will save you a lot of stress should you encounter any issues.

Typically, a reputable brick paver construction team will guarantee their work for up to one year.

Communication Is Key  

A thorough consultation process produces the best results.

If your brick paver installation service doesn’t make you feel like you’re on the exact same page as they are, it may be time to move down the list and select another company.

After all, this is a large investment, and you want to make sure the quality of your brick paver driveway, walkway, outdoor kitchen, or pool deck represents your high expectations and unique personal style.

Communication during every step of the process is essential for ensuring you’re up to date on all developments and know what is going to happen as it is happening.

If any changes must be made, you should be made aware of the reasons for these adjustments and the related expenses that may be incurred.

Brick Paver Designs

Can the company you’re hiring match the vision you have in your head?

From simple brick paver installations to complex patterns, the sky is practically the limit when it comes to your choice of design.

For example, you can play with color, texture, and pattern arrangements until you come up with a style that matches your taste completely.

Is your brick paver installation service up to the task?

The best way to make sure your contractor can match your brick paver design ideas is to ask. Use your consultation to ask these important questions and be rewarded with the home exterior you’ve always wanted.

Brick Paver Construction Permits

Will you need a construction permit to go ahead with your planned paving service?

Your contractor should be well versed in the ever-changing local permitting requirements. These provisions are updated frequently, so it’s crucial to partner with a licensed contractor who stays up to date on all permit regulations.

In addition to this, the brick paver installation service you choose should be able to guide you through the paperwork required to obtain these permits quickly.

Asking about this upfront never hurts, and an exceptional paver installation company would outline these requirements during your initial consultation—without you having to ask.

Does Your Brick Paver Installation Service Provide Flexible Scheduling?

Not all people and businesses in this city operate on regular 9-5 hours.

Does the brick paver installation service you are selecting provide flexible scheduling options to meet your needs?

Consider the advantages of hiring a contractor who can go above and beyond to meet your needs and make your choice accordingly.

The important thing is to remember you’re the one investing in this work, so your goals and wishes should be accommodated as best as possible.

High-Quality Brick Paver Materials

Last but certainly not least, check to make sure your brick paver installation services are provided using high materials.

Does your contractor have a great relationship with their local suppliers? Are the materials you need on hand, or do they need to be ordered in?

These are questions worth answering in advance, so you won’t be stuck waiting for services you had expected to take place more quickly.


Have these questions helped you select the right brick paver installation service for your property?

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